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Amy's Forced-Bi fags

Amazing LIQUIDATION SALE!!! Everything MUST Go!!!!!!! I have been permanently retired and incredibly spoiled for a while now.........All clips will soon be GONE FOREVER within the next month. Get your Clips while supplies last, OR YOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM AGAIN.....EVER!!!!!!!!! Special Thanks to all the loyal fags, toilets, and lowly maggots that have suffered My abuse over the years.......I have moved on into a nice waterfront "retirement home" and have obtained a sh*tload of education at the expense of My old gray-haired slave "tuition slut"........ I no longer have the time or the interest to destroy the dignity of ALL mankind, and cause TOTAL DEVASTATION amongst lowly male-creatures........ MY WORK HERE IS DONE!!!!!!!!My lowly minions- your time is running short to purchase clips, as they will soon be GONE FOREVER within a months time, and this store will soon be DESTROYED FOREVER, DARK AND EMPTY, just like you!!! L'Chaim...... :-) :-) :-)

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Young Twink Forced-bi Training

Mistress Amy humiliates Her brother and another young friend of his. She wants to corrupt these young boys in the worst way. She promises to let this young boy lick Her Ass if he agrees to serve as a toilet and a Faggot for Her. This young t**n is naive and stupid and will do just about anything in exchange for tasting a perfect Female Ass. This poor young loser gets more than a mouthful of Ass........ Mistress Amy wickedly gives him cum eating training. She forces him to lick white whipped cream off Her Ass in preparation for the cum he is about receive. Once this young twink has cleaned Her asshole of all the whipped cream, She prepares his mouth for a large Cock to service...................... After he has been fucked in the face for Her amusement, She introduces him to yet another cock........ Mistress Amy fully instructs these two young boys to eat ass, suck cock and lick balls so that they might learn how to service both Female and males for Her. Then She takes them to the next step.... A TOTAL OF FOUR TRAINED FAGGOTS---- ALL WORKING HARD FOR MISTRESS AMY

Length : 15:44   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 211 Mb   Added : 2012-02-26 22:32:51
File Format : wmv    
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 15:44 minutes

TWISTER Game Forced Bi

***FORCED COCK SUCKING, CUM SWALLOWING, FACIALS, and DIAPER HUMILIATION***WATCH US PLAY A GAME OF FORCED BI TWISTER***My Sexy Sister and I decide to invite the neighborhood guys over to Our vacation home. These unsuspecting straight guys think that We are all going to drink, mingle, and play games together. These guys are in for quite a surprise when Two Sexy Women force them to strip off their clothes. But their excitement cums to a halt when they are all forced to dress up for Us. We force these straight guys into Our Sexy dresses and stockings that We had in the closet. Two of them are wearing Our clothes, and another is forced to wear a wig and Diaper. The guy in the Diaper is forced to cry and beg for MILK............Both Women force these men onto the floor, and start spinning the Twister Game dial. These neighborhood guys play Our Twisted Game of Twister, and the loser is forced to perform the MOST HUMILIATING act with his mouth. These guys are forced to suck cock, swallow cum, and suffer humiliating facials. The Baby in Diapers is forced to drink his own Milk, and also take a HOT LOAD from one of Our stud boyfriends who was hiding in the closet. These neighborhood guys will NEVER be the same after playing the game of Twister with US !!!

Length : 19:52   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 267 Mb   Added : 2012-02-23 00:15:48
File Format : wmv    
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 19:52 minutes

She-Male Forced-Bi Training

Remember ME??? I am that hot girl you went to high school with. You were once a young nerd and never got girls like ME back then... Ever....You used to have wet dreams about Me in class. You used to fantasize about what I was wearing underneath My School Girl outfit.......Well GUESS WHAT??? I had a COCK underneath My dress, and you had no fucking clue......................Now some years have passed, and you are still a dork who NEVER got a date with a Hot girl like Me......BUT Today is the luckiest day of your life!!! Now that we are re-aquainted, I am going to take you out on a date with ME.......I just need to take care of some business before we go out tonight............ You are MORTIFIED at the sight of My Cock, but do you really want to BLOW your only chance of hooking up with someone as HOT as ME??? You are still naive, innocent, and very STRAIGHT. But I have a Cock that needs to be taken care of before we go out tonight..................I will train you, POV, how to suck a She-Male Cock. I suck hard on My Banana, and instruct you how to give Me a proper Blow-Job. You are forced to look Me in the eye as you service My She-Male Cock. Watch Me deep-throat My banana, and follow along sucking My Dick.... You are doing so well for a straight male.... Oops, I think I am gonna have an ACCIDENT. Sorry, I couldn't hold back.......***TWO POV CUMSHOTS, INTERACTIVE TRAINING, and SERIOUS CORRUPTION***

Length : 10:58   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 146 Mb   Added : 2011-12-07 20:24:11
File Format : wmv    
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 10:58 minutes

Interactive Training- Handjob and Cum Facials (3 Loads)

As your Head Mistress, I am training new young sluts to give amazing handjobs at My underground Massage Parlor. My "paying John" clients are aware that this is your first time giving a handjob, so they receive a discount and a blindfold when they agree to assist in "slut training." Let Me teach you how to make Me money. The more you please My clients, the more money I will make, and of course you will still have a place to live if you keep My clients happy and released of their stress and CUM............Stroke that cock steadily for ME, tease the head a little and keep My client on the Edge. I fully instruct you how to milk My client's cock until full explosion. Your face is responsible for catching the Cum that is milked. Watch Me rub that cum deep into your pores for a healthy milk CUM facial. Your complexion will stay young and vibrant if My clients keep releasing on your face................I notice that you are getting a hard-on during this training process. That is not acceptable. While you are working for Me. I insist that your cock be fully milked and rid of cum throughout the day. Milked dry of all your pleasures, so you can focus clearly on your job. I Keep your dick drained of cum. I collect all your cumloads into a bottle and then use your collected cum deposits as facial moisturizers for both you and My other young slut trainees.. My sluts can stay young and pretty for many years, as long as I keep collecting cum and using it for your facials...... Your training video includes THREE Cumloads total. One load that is directly squirt across your face, and two loads that are collected in a bottle and directly applied to your face.

Length : 18:08   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 243 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:40:11
File Format : wmv    
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 18:08 minutes

Forced BUKKAKE for YOUR Mouth, POV

Yes, this is the next step for YOU, the victim I have already corrupted and intend to DESTROY !!! I have already rnrnruined your reputation and I fully intend to take you a whole lot further. Follow Me step by step as I bring you rnrnTWO cocks to serve, TWO sets of balls to lick and some hairy asshole POV as well. I was not satisfied with just rnrnmaking you a Cocksucker. You have so much MORE potential, faggot!!! Follow My directions and dangerous seductive rnrncurves. Before you realize, you will be in so much trouble with your self esteem and male ego. I will take it ALL rnrnand leave you with NOTHING but a very wet face and a mouthful of CUM. Tonight, YOU are My Bukkake victim and I will rnrnpersonally smear it all over your face to mark My property !!!

Length : 19:58   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 268 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:36:56
File Format : wmv    
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 19:58 minutes

Deep-Throat Training for New BrothEel mployees

This is the Mandatory Training Video, for all beginners, like yourself. If your cock-sucking resume is empty or not up to My standards, perhaps you should watch and see what it takes to get the job done right................I am always looking for new talent to make Me a fortune on the streets of Jersey City. In order to guarantee that you will be profitable for Me, I am willing to invest My time and efforts into your training..................Over 20 minutes of pure instructional amatuer cock-sucking, you will be well on your way to becum a Professional Cocksucker. My slave got so excited during his training, that when he felt the cock stretching the back of his throat, he spilled puddles of Pre-cum all over his pathetic self. What is going on in your pants right about now, faggot-in-ntraiing???

Length : 19:35   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 263 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:32:12
File Format : wmv    
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 19:35 minutes

SHOCKED into Sucking COCK

I tied this poor loser in tight bondage so there is NO escape from My wicked imagination............ I spread his legs and locked them into a spreader bar, while his hands are tied tightly to the door. I decide to administer SHOCK TORTURE to his cock and balls for My amusement. I use My electrical shocking device to keep his cock under My control.................When I begin to shock and torture his balls to the highest thresholds of pain, the slave screams and moans LOUDLY. I will not tolerate his loud mouth, so I bring in a stud to stuff his loud mouth with COCK. The loser in bondage has no choice but to suck this giant cock, since he is tied tightly and still at the MERCY of My shocking device. As his screams get louder, I encourage the stunt cock to shove his Cock deeper down the loud-mouth's throat to muffle his screams.. My Wicked Imagination begins to Run Wild................Watch some of the most FORCED Cock-sucking I have ever accomplished to date!!!

Length : 16:02   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 215 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:28:24
File Format : wmv    
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 16:02 minutes

Blinded with Bukkake CUM (3 LOADS)

After being worked over hard by the hottest FORCED-BI MISTRESS, This slut-in-training got a MEGA DOSAGE of 3 CUMLOADS................ Mistress Amy was totally thrilled to drown this newbie with bucketload shots of Cum in each eye and even a Hot Shot of Cum in his mouth as well.................This former slut-in-training now turned into a multi-load Bukkake Cum Whore for his Mistress to mock and laugh at. Of course this whore has to swallow his own cum as well :-) :-) :-)

Length : 12:06   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 121 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:26:00
File Format : mpg    
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 12:06 minutes

Cum-Snorting Junkie

One of Pimp Amy's former slaves developed a bad Coke Habit and started to whore himself out on the street, dressed like a typical hooker. Amy recognizes him and promises to take him home to help him with his coke problem. When the coke-whore arrives at Pimp Amy's place, he realizes he has been tricked into making MONEY for Pimp Mistress instead................... He is forced to do a totally different kind of "blow"........... Pimp Amy promises him more "white stuff" if he takes care of two paying Johns for Her. John Jr. and John Sr. both line up and get serviced by this coke-whore. The coke-whore alternates between cock sucking and ball licking for both men until he/She is DESPERATE to snort a line of his favorite white substance. After some serious forced cock and ball services, the two paying Johns decide this coke-whore is worthless and refuse to pay up................ Pimp Amy decides to give coke-whore a brand new nasty white habit. She forces coke-whore to snort lines of CUM, creating a cum junkie for Her personal amusement........ SERIOUS PAID SLUT SERVICES AND CUM SNORTING,...........Soon you will becum addicted and need ME to give you a few lines of CUM too!!!

Length : 16:34   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 222 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:23:56
File Format : wmv    
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 16:34 minutes

Forced Faggot Male Foot Worship

I decided to bring home a random boy from school named Jason. He "thought" he might actually have a chance at dating Me. (LOL)..............I invited him over and he got the shock of his life when I opened the door. Jason had never seen a strap-on Cock before, and I quickly showed him what such a device could be used for. After working Jason's virgin mouth over with My Cock, I then decided to take it one step further and defile his virgin asshole. Jason was a little uncomfortable with this brand new type of "sex," but his inner-slut took over and got the best of him. Soon he was moaning like a little bitch and TOTALLY under MY spell. I kept fucking him until he "almost" came. I wanted Jason to experience a "special" orgasm that he would NEVER forget, so I brought in another boy-toy that was living in My closet. This other guy came "out of the closet" and joined the fun. Jason is forced to cum on this other guy's feet and then peform some "interesting" faggot foot worship..................................................................... After so much humiliation, I am not sure if Jason will ever be brave enough to cum over My house again, but I sure did enjoy using him as My virgin play-toy. :-)

Length : 14:28   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 194 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:21:21
File Format : wmv    
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 14:28 minutes

Family BLACKMAIL Forced-Bi

Amy BLACKMAILS Her family and forces them to engage in lewd BISEXUAL behavior while She captures the whole event on film........Amy is a GREEDY daughter who is unsatisfied with Her current allowance. She followed Her father on a business trip and filmed him with underage whores. She uses this CD of footage to Blackmail him into giving Her more allowance, but things get a whole lot worse for him. Amy threatens to RUIN his political career if he does not comply with ALL of Her wishes..................Amy brings in a humiliated cross-dressed bimbo and forces Her father to start jerking off. She keeps Her father hard by rubbing Her perfect Ass and Hot-scented pussy across his face. He knows it is wrong to be arroused so much by his daughter, but his inner-pervert takes over and he gives in to Her desires. Amy is feeling exceptionally wicked, and decides to let Her father know that the cross dressed-bimbo that She brought into the room is really Her brother, Junior, who is ALSO BEING BLACKMAILED!!!......................................................Amy pulls the pacifier out of Her kid-brother's mouth and forces him to suck his Father's cock instead. Junior reluctantly services his Father's cock while Amy informs them both that this entire Cock-sucking event is also being filmed for even MORE BLACKMAIL. Junior is worried that he will be exhiled by his FOOTball team, so he tries to do a good job at sucking Father's cock to please his sister. Amy also forces Junior to rub his Father's balls until they fill with cum. Then She forces Junior to stroke and Jerk-off his own Father's cock. Junior is totally humiliated as he jerks his Father off. Watch what Amy forces Her brother to do with Father's cum!!!............................. Amy often talks DIRECTLY to the camera (and you.) This is done so She can replay this NCEST COCKSUCKING film for Her Father and Brother to DOUBLE their humiliation and shame..............

Length : 14:30   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 195 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:18:33
File Format : wmv    
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 14:30 minutes

Blackmailed Brother gets Raiped and Forced Gay by Sister

Amy continues Her evil Blackmail plans, as She films Her brother Junior dressed up like a humiliated sissy. Amy introduces Her blackmailed brother to Her COCK. She forces Her purple glitter cock right down his throat. After he lubricates Her cock with his mouth. She shoves it right up his virgin asshole. Amy repeatedly fucks Her brother with Her strap-on cock until he is about to cum. She then brings an old ex-boyfriend to further Her brother's humiliation. Amy knows She has ALL the power in Her wicked Blackmail scheme. Junior complies to Her every wish for FEAR that his Sister will expose this video. Junior opens his mouth wide in shame and defeat.

Length : 13:06   Category : Forced Bi
File Size : 176 Mb   Added : 2011-11-15 19:16:10
File Format : wmv    
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 13:06 minutes

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